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A simplified approach to working with influencers


Influencer Searcher streamlines the process of running influencer campaigns by simplifying influencer identification and automating outreach

Influencer Searcher is a best in class tool used to identify, organise and collaborate with influencers at scale. 




Micro Influencers


Hours Saved

Core Features

These are some of the main reason brands such as Revolut, Cameo, P&G use our software.

Influencer Discovery

The process of identifying influencers has never been simpler with easy to use filters and over 60,000 influencers categorised.

Free To Use Tools

We provide free to use tools for you to quickly figure out an influencer’s engagement and the brands they have been working with.

Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach is made easy – connect your email and click 2 buttons to email up to 50 influencers at once with personalised templates.

Extended Insights

Gain a deeper insight into influencers’ metrics beyond just followers.